High school is about more than a series of courses and tests along the way toward a diploma--it is about more than college and career-preparedness. It is an all-encompassing experience that serves each student's unique set of God-given talents, interests, abilities, and desires.

It will be our privilege to empower our students to reach their God-given potential through the breadth and quality of our Academic, Athletic, and Art programs. be effective, comprehensive Christian schools must become so excellent that they are unrivaled or at least among the finest schools in their communities. Christian schools must prepare students to serve Christ among all social economic strata of society. They must emerge as the best preparatory institutions of learning to prepare the most qualified students for admission to the most preeminent universities. These Christian professionals of influence will bring renewed credibility to the cause of Christ in the marketplace of ideas and reshape the spiritual and moral values of the 21st century through their personal Quests for Excellence.™*


*Quest for Excellence, by Dr. Clifford E. Daugherty, Quest for Excellence Media, 2015.