What Makes a Christian School Christian?*

As a matter of Christian faith, all board members, staff, and faculty subscribe to the PCSA Statement of Faith, Core Educational Values, and Philosophy of Christian Education, and profess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

All teachers serve as Christian role models for students and the broader community. They are to be positive examples of Christian values and conduct both in and out of the classroom. Lifestyles on campus and outside of the workplace that are not consistent with Christian values are grounds for immediate separation. Such lifestyles include but are not limited to adultery (Gal 5:19; James 4:4), fornication (Eph 5:3; 1 Thes 4:3), and homosexual behavior (Rom 1:26-27). This also includes, but is not limited to, the refraining from such activities as illegal drugs, substance abuse, and the use of vulgar and profane language. Such behavior violates the bona fide occupational requirement of being a Christian role model. Employees agree that any use of alcohol will be in moderation.

Every teacher prays regularly for and with all students.

All instruction and learning including academic, artistic, athletic and social activities incorporate a Christian world view as found in the Bible and reflected in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Christian teachers serve as gatekeepers to ensure that curriculum and instruction is consistent with a Christian world view. We seek to adopt the most robust curriculum standards for instruction and selects textbooks that best reflect those standards whether or not the publishers represent themselves as Christian publishers.

All students study the Bible as an academic course while enrolled. Students are encouraged to internalize Christian faith through personal choice and not through indoctrination that inculcates religious instruction. The school must remain a safe place to sincerely express and explore doubts about God and other matters of learning.

All students regularly attend chapel.

All Students are challenged to repent of their sins, receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and to pursue their personal Quest for Excellence™ as they “Do it heartily, as unto the Lord” (Col 3:23).


*Quest for Excellence, by Dr. Clifford E. Daugherty, Quest for Excellence Media, 2015.