Admissions Philosophy*

Admissions practices are intended to fulfill Christ’s commission to “make disciples” by leading students to accept Christ as Savior and by helping students grow in their Christian faith (Matt 28:19). As an evangelistic Christian School, we will encourage every student to be certain of their choice to accept and serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. As a “nurturing” Christian school we will seek to admit and assist students in the growth of their Christian faith. The school seeks to only admit students of parents who will support the school’s mission and educational philosophy. We will instruct students under the delegated authority of their parents in harmony with their various local churches. We seek to assist parents in their duties as primary educators to formally educate their children in harmony with a Christian philosophy of education.

We will admit students who meet behavioral and academic standards and are willing to “give the Lord Jesus a fair hearing,” with the support of their parents. Parents and students need not be Christian but parents must agree to support the school’s Christian philosophy of education and allow their children to personally accept the Christian faith. The truth is so compelling that most students become committed Christians regardless of their parents’ beliefs and some parents also accept Christ as Savior. Admission policies are to match the God given talent of students to programs including Academic Achievement, Artistic Beauty and Athletic Distinction. This A3 comprehensive educational approach seeks to develop every student’s God-given talent to achieve each student’s unique God intended purposes.

*Quest for Excellence, by Dr. Clifford E. Daugherty, Quest for Excellence Media, 2015.