Quality education means accepting learners as God created them with varied gifts and abilities. It means teaching students as Jesus learned, increasing “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52) at their individual level of understanding and providing instruction at a pace at which they can succeed to their highest potential involving a wide range of instructional strategies.*

5 Core Educational Values*

1. Parents are the primary educators of their children under God
2. Students are uniquely gifted with God-given talent to achieve their God-intended purposes
3. Teachers serve as loving Christian role models who guide learners through positive relationships
4. School leaders innovate programs for educators who help students discover their unique, God given talents
5. Comprehensive programs challenge all students to achieve their God-intended life's work

We will be grounded in a philosophy of education that is rooted in the truth as found in the Bible and reflected in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Teachers are expected to challenge students to think deeply about complex contemporary and ageless matters. Students are expected to probe the nature of truth and its application to daily living. They sharpen each other as they question, debate, and challenge ideas, concepts, and theories.

*Quest for Excellence, by Dr. Clifford E. Daugherty, Quest for Excellence Media, 2015.